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无线蜜罐安全审计设备 WiFi PineApple

Since 2008 the WiFi Pineapple has been a favorite among penetration testers and security enthusiasts. With a talented community of developers this open-source wireless auditing tool brings ease-of-use to man-in-the-middle. Now in its fourth hardware version the WiFi Pineapple boasts unmatched performance, simplicity and value.

自从2008开始,WiFi PineApple成为了最受欢迎的安全测试设备,在开源无线安全审计软件社区的支持,WiFiPineApple具有简单易用的中间人攻击操作,到现在第四代硬件发布后,将会越来越简单、易用。

At a glance

  • Stealth Access Point for Man-in-the-Middle attacks(AP的隐形MITM中间人攻击)
  • Mobile Broadband (3G USB) and Android Tethering(支持外接3G上网卡及连接Android设备进行上网)
  • Manage from afar with persistent SSH tunnels(可远程SSH进行管理)
  • Relay or Deauth attack with auxiliary WiFi adapter(可外接USB无线网卡进行重放攻击)
  • Web-based management simplify MITM attacks(网页操作MITM中间人攻击)
  • Easily concealed and battery powered(支持POE供电或其他简易供电方式)
  • Expandable with community modules(可扩展模块)


本次我们将引用国外售价为99.99美金的WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Standard版本!此链接为预订链接,到货时间不确定!

产品名称为:WiFi PineApple Mark IV Standard



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