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ADC应用数据编码(Application Data Coding, TYPE B)

ACK肯定确认(positive ACKnowledgement)

AFI应用族识别符,应用的卡预选准则。(Application Family Identifier)

AM调幅(Amplitude Modulation)

Apf在REQB中使用的防冲突前缀f( Anticollision Prefix f, , used in REQB/WUPB, Type B)

Apn在Slot-MARKER命令中使用的防冲突前缀n (Anticollision Prefix n, used in Slot-MARKER Command, Type B)

ASK移幅键控(Amplitude Shift Keying)

ATQ 请求应答(Answer To Request)

ATQA请求应答,类型A(Answer To Request, Type A)

ATQB请求应答,类型B(Answer To Request, Type B)

ATS选择应答(Answer To Select)

ATTRIBPICC选择命令(PICC selection command, Type B)

BCCUID CLn校验字节, 4个先前字节的“异或”值(UID CLn check byte, calculated as exclusive-or over the 4 previous bytes, Type A)

BPSK二进制移相键控(Binary Phase Shift Keying)

CID卡标识符(Card Identifier)

CLn串联级n,3≥n≥1(Cascade Level n, Type A)

CMR共模抑制(Common Mode Rejection)

CRC循环冗余校验,如第7章中为每种类型的PICC所定义的(Cyclic Redundancy Check)

CRC_A中定义的循环冗余校验差错检测码(Cyclic Redundancy Check error detection code A)

CRC_B中定义的循环冗余校验差错检测码(Cyclic Redundancy Check error detection code B)

CT串联标记,‘88’(Cascade Tag, Type A)


DR接收的除数(PCD到PICC)(Divisor Receive (PCD to PICC))

DRI接收的除数整数(PCD到PICC)(Divisor Receive Integer (PCD to PICC))

DS发送的除数(PICC到PCD)(Divisor Send (PICC to PCD))

DSI发送的除数整数(PICC到PCD)(Divisor Send Integer (PICC to PCD)

DC直流(Direct Current)

E通信结束,类型A(End of communication , Type A)

EDC差错检测码(Error Detection Code)

EGT额外保护时间(Extra Guard Time, Type B)

EOF帧结束,类型B(End Of Frame, Type B)

Etu基本时间单元,1比特数据传输的持续时间(Elementary time unit)

Fc载波频率(作场的频率,13.56MHz)(Frequency of operating field(carrier frequency))

FDT帧延迟时间,类型A (Frame Delay Time, Type A)

Fc载波(Carrier frequency)

FOType B帧选项(Frame Option,Type B)

Fs副载波调制频率(Frequency of subcarrier modulation)

FSC接近式卡帧长度(Frame Size for proximity Card)

FSCI接近式卡帧长度整数(Frame Size for proximity Card Integer)

FSD接近式耦合设备帧长度(Frame Size for proximity coupling Device)

FSDI接近式耦合设备帧长度整数(Frame Size for proximity coupling Device Integer)

FWI帧等待时间整数(Frame Waiting time Integer)

FWT帧等待时间(帧等待时间)( Frame Waiting Time)

FWTTEMP临时帧等待时间(temporary Frame Waiting Time)

HALTA类型A PICC暂停命令(Halt Command, Type A)

HALTB类型B PICC暂停命令(Halt Command, Type B)


ID标识号(IDentification number, Type A)

INF属于高层的信息字段(INFormation field belonging to higher layer, Type B)

ISO国际标准组织(International Organisation for Standardisation)

LSB最低有效位(Least Significant Bit)

MAX最大值(Index to define a maximum value)

MBL最大缓冲长度(Maximum Buffer Length)

MBLI最大缓冲长度(Maximum Buffer Length Integer)

MIN最小值(Index to define a minimum value)

MSB最高有效位(Most Significant Bit)

N 防冲突槽的数目或每个槽内PICC响应的概率(Number of anticollision slots or PICC response probability in each slot, Type B)

N变量整数值,如特定条款中所定义(Variable integer value as defined in the specific clause)

NAD结点地址(Node ADdress)

NAK否定确认(Negative AcKnowledgement)

NRZ-L不归零电平,(L为电平)(Non-Return to Zero, (L for level))

NVB有效位的数目(Number of Valid Bits, Type A)

OOK开/关键控(On/Off Keying)

OSI开放系统互连(Open System Interconnection)

P奇校验位(Odd Parity Bit, Type A)


PCB协议控制字节(Protocol Control Byte)

PCD接近式耦合设备(读写器)(Proximity Coupling Device)

PICC接近式卡(Proximity Card)

PM调相(Phase Modulation)

PSK移相键控(Phase Shift Keying)

PPS协议和参数选择(Protocol and Parameter Selection)

PPS0协议和参数选择参数0(Protocol and Parameter Selection parameter 0)

PPS1协议和参数选择参数1(Protocol and Parameter Selection parameter 1)

PPSS协议和参数选择开始(Protocol and Parameter Selection Start)

PUPI伪唯一PICC标识符(Pseudo-Unique PICC Identifier, Type B)

R防冲突序列期间PICC所选定的槽号(Slot number chosen by the PICCduring the anticollision sequence, Type B)

R(ACK)包含肯定确认的R-块(R-block containing a positive acknowledge)

R(NAK)包含否定确认的R-块(R-block containing a negative acknowledge)

RATS选择应答请求(Request for Answer To Select)

R-block接收准备块(Receive ready block)

REQA请求命令,类型A(Request Command, Type A)

REQB请求命令,类型B(Request Command, Type B)

RF射频(Radio Frequency)

RFU保留供将来使用(Reserved for Future ISO/IEC Use)

S通信开始,类型A(Start of communication, Type A)

SAK选择确认(Select AcKnowledge, Type A)

S-block管理块(Supervisory block)

SEL选择命令(SELect code, Type A)

SFGI启动帧保护时间整数(Start-up Frame Guard time Integer)

SFGT启动帧保护时间(Start-up Frame Guard Time)

SOF帧的开始,类型B(Start Of Frame, Type B)

TR0PCD off和PICC on之间静默的最小延迟。(仅类型B)(Guard Time, Type B)

TR1PICC数据传输之前最小副载波的持续期。(仅类型B)(Synchronization Time, Type B)

UID唯一标识符(Unique Identifier, Type A)

UIDn唯一标识符的字节数目n,n≥0(Byte number n of Unique IDentifier)

WTX等待时间延迟(Waiting Time sXtension)

WTXM等待时间延迟乘数(Waiting Time sXtension Multiplier)

WUPA类型A PICC唤醒命令(Wake-UP Command, Type A)

WUPB类型B PICC唤醒命令(Wake-UP Command, Type B)